Dear Biascathy,

I was ecstatic  when I learned that I was one of the students who were accepted to BS Clothing Technology this academic year 2015-2016. I really wasn’t expecting much, but I was thankful for my background in Basic Clothing Construction (CTRA 17) I was able to make it through.

This August 4, as our classes started, I was very excited to meet all my professors and classmates, specially to my major courses. As I did, I was very surprised to know that my majors are expecting a lot from its students. It didn’t really struck me the wrong way; actually, I am looking forward to the challenge. There were a lot of things to do in such a very small amount of time. Plus, all the majors require us a all those things at the same time.

I already gained a lot of new experiences even though it is just the first two weeks of classes. For one, this is the first time I experienced to stay up late in the library, and to be on the dorm’s late night violators list in the process.

Late night researching in the main library, together with Yexre Wraigne ( Already way past my dorm's curfew.
Late night researching in the main library together with Yexre Wraigne. Its already way past my dorm’s curfew. Huhu. T.T

Another thing is to type and continue working on my requirements, instead of eating my lunch and resting on breaks. Also, to sleep on 3:30 am at most (so far).


To be honest, being a CT student really is tiring, but I think all of this is worth it. All this requirements will help us develop ourselves and prepare ourselves when we go out in the real world.  That’s why I’ll do my best in every challenges that comes my way.

Yours Truly,

 Yousei Hime