When it comes to buying clothes, we all have different standards and styles that we look for. To know more about what people usually want and consider, I conducted interviews to random people and asked them two questions; “What kind of clothes do you usually buy?” and “What do you usually consider when you buy them?”. You can watch the video here below.

Using the interview above, I came to the following conclusion:

This is the graphical representation of what kind of clothes they usually buy.

According to the interview, the girls are the group who are diverse when it comes to the kind of clothes they usually buy: tops, blouses, t-shirts, pants, shorts, and other casual clothing.  While the boys here, usually prefers to buy t-shirts. On the other hand, our elderly respondent usually buy blouses and dress, the more formal and professional ones.

This is the graphical representation of what they commonly consider when it comes to buying clothes.

Based on the interview, the highest consideration of people when it comes to buying clothes is the price of the item. Although our elderly respondent wasn’t very concerned with the price of the item; maybe due to the fact that she already has a stable job by this time. As we can also see in the graph, our elderly respondent is the only person who stated that she considers the modesty of the clothes she is going to buy. Other than that, we can infer that the girls considers the quality, versatility, and price of the item, the boys considers the comfortability, color and price, while the elderly considers the quality, color, and modesty.

Personally, I had fun interviewing people and knowing more about what they think about the different aspects of clothing. Maybe next time, I’d be interviewing you, so… You better waaaatch ooout! 😉