Dear Biascathy,

Lately I was the target of unfortunate series of events. Although let’s not dwell on that too much. Let’s look on the bright side; I had some realizations after all those things happened.

  1. We should be careful in everything we do, for we don’t know when clumsiness will strike.
  2. We should always look on the back pages of the paper, for there might also be something written there.
  3. We should always follow instructions.
  4. We should be socially aware of things and not be ignorant or self-absorbed, because sometimes people need help or is facing a great obstacle in life and we weren’t aware of it.

ref 1

Regarding CT 11, we were given some reflective questions. Those questions also plague my mind sometimes, but I push them towards the back of my mind. Why? Because sometimes I fear that if I face those questions I will come to the conclusion that I made a bad choice, or pursuing this wouldn’t be worth it, or everyone else is much better than me.

But do I really want to do this? Can I really contribute to the fashion industry or am I just pursuing an empty dream? Sometimes I feel like my choice is a bit selfish. I mean, I always wanted to help other people, so I thought I’ll take Psychology to help those people who need help and guidance. But then, I took Home Economics. For me, it’s something in between, my own personal dream and my will to help. But now I shifted out into Clothing Technology to pursue my own dream. Because a thought came to me: I can still help other people whatever my occupation is, as long as I want to. So why not help while you pursue your own dream.

I always wanted to help those homeless families I see on the streets, but right now, I feel incapable to do so. So I was thinking, I want to work hard and build a company. I’ll conduct workshops for them, maybe also give them a place to stay, then have them work on my company. That way I’ll be able to help them have a better life. I don’t know if I’m just an idealist, but that’s a part of my dream.

If I am to be a designer, I want to be a designer who help aid the lives of other people. For example, our community in the province have rice lands. And people there works throughout the day tilling the soil and walking on mud. They were wearing different clothing articles altogether; some wear tights, some wear longs sleeves topped with a sando, some wear baggy pants, some wear boots, some were barefoot. So I was thinking, what if we can develop a design that properly caters their needs and which is of course, affordable to them.

Most designers is probably thinking of building companies to cater the needs of the majority, like women’s or men’s wear clothing lines, etc. Although it is true that it is much easier to be on the industry catering the needs of the majority, I would like to cater minority who need more attention. I just hope I’d be successful on this. Though there are times that I question my ability to do so, I’ll push through and hope for the best.

Onward and upward,

Yousei Hime