Dear Biascathy,
"Drop na ba? Drop na ba?"
Reviewing 5 hrs before the exam.

I was just finished taking the Chem 16 first Long Exam. And I do not know what happened to me. My only hope is the multiple choice. Hehe. Well, I did what I can, I just hope its enough, just enough to not fail.


We have a group report about “Pagpapangalan at Pagbabansag” on my Fil 40 class, a 7am class T-TH. And some of my groupmates still aren’t responding. Although it’s a good thing I was able to gather sources and info now. I just hope they would also cooperate. I will polish it (hopefully) with them later.

Unlike that uncooperative group, my other group seems to be improving. We are now developing a sense of teamwork, 🙂 and I am happy for that.

Wanderlust Group collaborating their work on evaluating an online Fashion Store and making a schedule for the Wardrobe Make-over Project.

Apart from my croquis book entry and Plate # 22, I am still finishing my mood board. And MY OH MY! I’ve realized that making a mood board does changes mood! Haha. Before doing my mood board in our CT 11 class, my thoughts and ideas are clear, but when I actually started making and constructing it, the line of thought that I wanted it to go seems to blur out. I hated the feeling that you can’t seem to portray the things you want to portray. And the message you wanted to relay to the people, they just can’t clearly see it. It’s frustrating.

What did I do then? Did I repeated it all over?

Nope. I did not, because I know it can still be salvaged. There is still a flicker of hope. Following Miss Kitty’s suggestion, I asked my friends what they see and what can they infer in my mood board. They seem to have gotten the idea, although somewhat amiss. They also told me how I can make it more clear, unsurprisingly, just like what Miss Kitty said, I need to edit parts of it… Later I’ll post my finished mood board here. 😉

There are lot’s of stressful things that comes my way. Whether that be failed exams, work overload, uncooperative group mates, reports, and hundreds more stressful things… ALWAYS LOOK AT THE BRIGHT SIDE. Even if bleakness and hopelessness is all around you. Just smile Sarah! You need to have hope!

Waiting For A Miracle,

Yousei Hime