Dear Biascathy,
Mood and Concept

I am thinking of changing the concept I am going to use in our upcoming final project in CT 11, because I am having a hard time getting an inspiration from the previous mood and concept, which is about our dreams. Mine’s concept was about escaping chaos. It is a good concept really, but I just don’t have the drive to follow it through.. So one morning, I wake up early and sat under a tree outside our room… I inhaled and exhaled.. I took out my croquis board and pen.. And starting making a mind map of the ideas that came into my head..

mind map
Mind Maps

I like where my mind took me into. I want my collection to give a strong message, to portray issues people seems not to see. I want to feature our ethnic tribes and the oppression they experiences. But still, I’ll ask Miss Kitty first if this is a good concept. 🙂 But I can already feel it coming to life. Hehehe.

Getting-to-know our Client


Oh! And apart from that, I also had fun getting to know our client, Miss Katty Caragay, for our Wardrobe Make-over Project. 🙂 She’s so adorable. With the time we spent talking to her, we’ve learned a lot of psychological things and other trivia. I also realized something about myself. 🙂 I really do love ethnic things! She have those ethnic accessories and it’s just like.. electrocuted me.. Bzzt..Boom! Sarah! You love ethnic-inspired stuff! Haha. Anyway, regarding the project, we still don’t know exactly how are we going to do the whole wardrobe make-over thingy because it wasn’t very clear to us. But I am really looking forward to it. 🙂

There’s still a lot of things to be done and a lot of commitments to attend to. I’m still nowhere half way done. But I know I can do this. Although, I am just rising from the quicksand that’s dragging me towards gloomy stuff and stress.. Because I know God is pulling me out of it. I know that He is always here with me telling me not to give up. That’s why I won’t give up. Go Sarah! Go Sarah! 😀

Be Strong,

Yousei Hime