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October 2015

Dear Biascathy,

I made a concept video for my upcoming collection- “Free the Lumad”. I have realized that the Lumad people’s battle for self-determination is a long way home. There are still a lot- and i mean A LOT- of obstacles and obstructions along their path. I am just hoping that the government would be less violent in tackling this matter- they should have respect to the indigenous people, since if you think about it, they are our ancestors and they carry our original culture.


In accordance to this, I donated some of my goods and volunteered for an upcoming event here in UP which focuses on fighting for the Lumad’s rights, the Manilakbayan 2015. Lumad tribes will camp here on UP at the College of Human Kinetics grounds. I am wishing all of them the very best and may the Lord God almighty guide them.

Now, on to my studies, I am ever so thankful!! 😀 Remember the times when I was so depressed with Chem 16 to the point that I am already thinking of dropping out? Well, 🙂 God responded positively to the prayer I was asking him for the past few weeks. Our mid-semester grades was posted last Wednesday and guess what- I passed!! 😀 I was thinking that I am already below the passing line, but then, I passed! Even though it may not be as high as the rest of my classmates. 2.00 for me is a great blessing, I just hope that I will be able to maintain or even improve this for the rest of the semester. 🙂

Ever so Thankful,

Yousei Hime
Dear Biascathy,

I’m having a little trouble with my expenses nowadays (specially since I still can’t get my OWWA-scholarship fund till the grades in my incomplete subject incurred last semester is released). Since I’m a bit getting low on budget and there are lot’s of things that I need to buy for my subjects, I did some back-tracking to know where my money all went into. And realized that almost 80% of my expenses were consumed with the food I buy. The other 10% on transportation and another 10% for my other expenses.

I frequently buy Fic Ice cream at the Shopping Center (SC). My, was it so delicious! I mean, like what I’ve stated on “About the Author” page, I like eating ice cream. I eat 1 scoop of ice cream per day, almost but not quite. The flavor I love the most is ‘Green Tea’!! It is so creamy and delicious and delectable, and there’s something I like about it but I can’t quite pinpoint it. The second flavor I love is ‘Almond Macchiato’. I love almonds; may it be in ice cream, in chocolate, in what ever it is in- I’ll still love almonds. The flavor I like the least is the ‘Banana Sundae’. I can only say one word- bleh!! (If that’s even a word.) 😀

IMG_20151017_124722 IMG_20151017_124807 IMG_20151017_130759

Now, on to my progress as a CT student, I attended a trade fair event of Manila Fame at SMX Convention Center. I was amazed at all those amazing masterpieces and work of art. The first thing that caught my eyes was the weaving apparatus at the 2nd floor. Later that moment, 2 ladies went to weave, so I get to picture them in action. I also saw a booth of traditional items. I was intrigued because I do like traditional items and also since some of the items are made by the Lumad people. I also remember seeing a very intricate clockwork where the time is told by counting the metal balls that sled down a metal rink part of it. Another thing that intrigued me was the chandeliers at the 1st floor which was very enigmatic. I love the chandelier with branches and sticks around it. All in all, I really loved the experience. 🙂

I am very looking forward to our make-up class this coming Thursday; not a typical make-up class that you have if your class is so behind on its lessons due to class suspensions, but a LITERAL one. 🙂 Together with my other groupmates, namely Yumi and Joanna, we had the time of our life selecting and shopping for make-up products. We also acquired some tips on the cosmetic ladies there at Watsons, SM North (that’s where we bought our supplies). I really had a great time there! When I reached home, guess what? Okay, I’ll tell- I tried applying some!! 😀

Mystic Violet Palette + Wing-style eyeliner
Earthtone palette + Arabic-style eyeliner

Happy I’m Alive,

Yousei Hime

Fabric Pastel Dye Experiment

I bought this Pentel pastel dye sticks when I saw it on a Pandayan bookshop in our province. I was quite intrigued and interested to try out a crayon-like dye.

One Saturday night, I felt like trying it out. I grabbed an old polo shirt (that I never wore). I was inspired by the theme my Primary and Beginner’s Class will perform on Sunday School the day after. I drew blue waves on the collar…

IMG_20150926_233642 IMG_20150926_234711

After that, I ironed the designed I drew with another sheet of paper.

IMG_20150927_001315 IMG_20150927_001343

I still feel like drawing so, I did not stop there, I wrote the phrase: “Jesus calms the Storm”

IMG_20150927_001937 IMG_20150927_003107

I ironed it after, and Voila!

IMG_20150927_004253 IMG_20150927_004329_2


  • Flatten everything out to avoid messiness (don’t do what I did)
  • It is really  preferable to draw on a non-stretchy garment (unlike what I did)


  • I don’t know if it is just because of the garment’s fabric’s grain, or the pastel dye sticks really just need to be sharpened to create defined lines.
  • Although I did iron the design just like on the instructions, after just one washing, the prints faded away. 😦
  • But I am still willing to try it out again, maybe it’s just in the fabric’s texture

Utak Puso: DIY Fringed Shirt


In our Cheerleading classes, we are required to wear this year’s themed shirt, the “Utak Puso” shirt, in Pep Rallies and Events. There are lots of cheerleading students in UP, less than a thousand I’d say, and I wouldn’t want to look like everyone else. I want to be distinguishable from a crowd wearing the same shirt and all. And, since there weren’t any rules about altering the shirt, I altered mine.


Considering that I am not really sure if this is permitted or not, so I just altered the hem. I cut thin strips of vertical lines and weaved them like a net: tie them as pairs, pair one with the neighboring pair, tie it up, pair up with another and so on. 🙂 Just like what I did in my bleached print shirt last year.

And Voila! I totally love how it looks!! 🙂 I had lots of positive feedbacks (and glances) from friends and strangers alike. I even had an unexpected photo-opt. from a UP Maroons Men’s Basketball MVP, Diego Dario!!! ❤ ❤

12169255_10208041839432087_1226595024_o12170027_10208041838912074_1644132159_o 12092770_10207945983555750_1129370272_n

Dear Biascathy,

I’ve realized that even if we do something with the best that we can, the endpoint will still depend on God’s plan. Although if that’s the case, I hope, no, I WON’T stop doing all that I can do in my power. I will just have faith in His plan for me, because everything that happens has a reason. And God knows it all. I don’t intend to sound like a preacher, but that is what I feel.

I don’t know if I am making any sense, but.. Okay, I’ll tell you.. Something not very good happened to me (my studies to be exact). I failed. Again. And it doesn’t seem to stop. I tried my best to study though, I woke up at 3 am just to continue reviewing for Chemistry. And I felt confident that I can pass. But when the time came and I have the test questions in my hands… My hands felt cold and shaky.. A lot of things came to my mind: the consequences if I failed again, telling my parents, dropping the subject or losing my scholarship.. Then, BOOM! I can’t remember a thing that I have reviewed earlier.

I really love the subject to be honest. I’m having fun, I meet great people, make new friends, and I am learning a lot, it’s just that when there’s an exam, I tend to panic specially if there’s a lot at stake. Then again, I will just trust whatever God has planned for me. I did my best, I know God will guide me. 🙂

I also realized that I have a typical Filipino bad trait. Well, It makes me feel better if I am not the only one who flunked.. It’s not that I wanted everyone to fail, it just feels better if there is someone in the same situation like I am, someone I can relate to, and we can get over it together. Unlike when I am the only one.. It feels like I am the smallest dust on the face of the Earth.  Hahaha. 😀 Anyway, I have gotten over it; I just wanted to share it to you guys.

Now, on to the brighter side of the moon, I am having fun with my majors!!! 😀 I’ve realized that I am blessed my parents supported me in shifting even if they were reluctant at first. I have a friend in Chem 16, “Barbie”-not her real name. And she told me how her parents pushed her to study BS Geodetic Engineering just because it’ll pay big in the future. She pushed herself to like it, but she isn’t happy with what she’s doing. She told her parents that she wanted to shift to BS HRIM, but they dismissed the idea with degrading the course. She stopped pushing the idea to them, but my friend finally can’t take it anymore, she shifted out without telling her parents. But when she presented the Form 5 to her parents (for the tuition fee), they were all gung-ho! “Oh! Bakit iba na ang course mo?!!” Well, to cut the long story short, she is happy now with what she’s doing. 🙂 And I am happy to with what I am doing. I am thankful for my parents and God’s providence. May everything work well in my life..

Just like the dark and bright sides, the negative and positive spaces, the infamous yin and yang, my life also has to sides. And I prefer to look on the positive ones.

Still Hoping,

Yousei Hime
Dear Biascathy,

Lumad. Indigenous People. Gold. Greed. Opression.

I am thinking of the concept I am going to use in my final project, about Lumad issues. I’ve read numerous articles from one link leading to another leading to another. All of them presenting different point of views and stands about the said topic. A lot of Lumad people are oppressed, harassed, and killed. Is it really by the military (and the paramilitary)’s hand? Or is it someone else’s fault? Are the Lumad tribes really being influenced by the NPA? Or is the government only accusing them for the sake of a hidden agenda? We don’t know for sure unless every bit of the puzzle is laid out before us. But, until there is none, we are left with our own personal stands and opinions.

After reading a lot of articles (as I’ve said earlier), and watching videos and documentaries, I have developed my own stand about the Lumad issue. To be honest, I became very emotional in researching about this topic. I cried while knowing more about the Lumad’s experiences and the things that they’ve been through. And I’ll tell you, they’ve been through a lot. I cried for their lost and for the only thing that they want but they can’t seem to have. I cried for every Lumad children that lost their opportunity to study and seemingly lost their right for education. I cried for the oppressed Lumad people and I want to express the feeling that fizzles within me through the garment I am going to make.

I hope to be of help in any way that I can. And by using this concept, I hope I will be able to spread awareness. I’ll do the best that I can..


Yousei Hime

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