Dear Biascathy,

Lumad. Indigenous People. Gold. Greed. Opression.

I am thinking of the concept I am going to use in my final project, about Lumad issues. I’ve read numerous articles from one link leading to another leading to another. All of them presenting different point of views and stands about the said topic. A lot of Lumad people are oppressed, harassed, and killed. Is it really by the military (and the paramilitary)’s hand? Or is it someone else’s fault? Are the Lumad tribes really being influenced by the NPA? Or is the government only accusing them for the sake of a hidden agenda? We don’t know for sure unless every bit of the puzzle is laid out before us. But, until there is none, we are left with our own personal stands and opinions.

After reading a lot of articles (as I’ve said earlier), and watching videos and documentaries, I have developed my own stand about the Lumad issue. To be honest, I became very emotional in researching about this topic. I cried while knowing more about the Lumad’s experiences and the things that they’ve been through. And I’ll tell you, they’ve been through a lot. I cried for their lost and for the only thing that they want but they can’t seem to have. I cried for every Lumad children that lost their opportunity to study and seemingly lost their right for education. I cried for the oppressed Lumad people and I want to express the feeling that fizzles within me through the garment I am going to make.

I hope to be of help in any way that I can. And by using this concept, I hope I will be able to spread awareness. I’ll do the best that I can..


Yousei Hime