I bought this Pentel pastel dye sticks when I saw it on a Pandayan bookshop in our province. I was quite intrigued and interested to try out a crayon-like dye.


One Saturday night, I felt like trying it out. I grabbed an old polo shirt (that I never wore). I was inspired by the theme my Primary and Beginner’s Class will perform on Sunday School the day after. I drew blue waves on the collar…

IMG_20150926_233642 IMG_20150926_234711

After that, I ironed the designed I drew with another sheet of paper.

IMG_20150927_001315 IMG_20150927_001343

I still feel like drawing so, I did not stop there, I wrote the phrase: “Jesus calms the Storm”

IMG_20150927_001937 IMG_20150927_003107

I ironed it after, and Voila!

IMG_20150927_004253 IMG_20150927_004329_2


  • Flatten everything out to avoid messiness (don’t do what I did)
  • It is really  preferable to draw on a non-stretchy garment (unlike what I did)


  • I don’t know if it is just because of the garment’s fabric’s grain, or the pastel dye sticks really just need to be sharpened to create defined lines.
  • Although I did iron the design just like on the instructions, after just one washing, the prints faded away. 😦
  • But I am still willing to try it out again, maybe it’s just in the fabric’s texture