In our Cheerleading classes, we are required to wear this year’s themed shirt, the “Utak Puso” shirt, in Pep Rallies and Events. There are lots of cheerleading students in UP, less than a thousand I’d say, and I wouldn’t want to look like everyone else. I want to be distinguishable from a crowd wearing the same shirt and all. And, since there weren’t any rules about altering the shirt, I altered mine.


Considering that I am not really sure if this is permitted or not, so I just altered the hem. I cut thin strips of vertical lines and weaved them like a net: tie them as pairs, pair one with the neighboring pair, tie it up, pair up with another and so on. 🙂 Just like what I did in my bleached print shirt last year.

And Voila! I totally love how it looks!! 🙂 I had lots of positive feedbacks (and glances) from friends and strangers alike. I even had an unexpected photo-opt. from a UP Maroons Men’s Basketball MVP, Diego Dario!!! ❤ ❤

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