Dear Biascathy,

I’m having a little trouble with my expenses nowadays (specially since I still can’t get my OWWA-scholarship fund till the grades in my incomplete subject incurred last semester is released). Since I’m a bit getting low on budget and there are lot’s of things that I need to buy for my subjects, I did some back-tracking to know where my money all went into. And realized that almost 80% of my expenses were consumed with the food I buy. The other 10% on transportation and another 10% for my other expenses.

I frequently buy Fic Ice cream at the Shopping Center (SC). My, was it so delicious! I mean, like what I’ve stated on “About the Author” page, I like eating ice cream. I eat 1 scoop of ice cream per day, almost but not quite. The flavor I love the most is ‘Green Tea’!! It is so creamy and delicious and delectable, and there’s something I like about it but I can’t quite pinpoint it. The second flavor I love is ‘Almond Macchiato’. I love almonds; may it be in ice cream, in chocolate, in what ever it is in- I’ll still love almonds. The flavor I like the least is the ‘Banana Sundae’. I can only say one word- bleh!! (If that’s even a word.) 😀

IMG_20151017_124722 IMG_20151017_124807 IMG_20151017_130759

Now, on to my progress as a CT student, I attended a trade fair event of Manila Fame at SMX Convention Center. I was amazed at all those amazing masterpieces and work of art. The first thing that caught my eyes was the weaving apparatus at the 2nd floor. Later that moment, 2 ladies went to weave, so I get to picture them in action. I also saw a booth of traditional items. I was intrigued because I do like traditional items and also since some of the items are made by the Lumad people. I also remember seeing a very intricate clockwork where the time is told by counting the metal balls that sled down a metal rink part of it. Another thing that intrigued me was the chandeliers at the 1st floor which was very enigmatic. I love the chandelier with branches and sticks around it. All in all, I really loved the experience. 🙂

I am very looking forward to our make-up class this coming Thursday; not a typical make-up class that you have if your class is so behind on its lessons due to class suspensions, but a LITERAL one. 🙂 Together with my other groupmates, namely Yumi and Joanna, we had the time of our life selecting and shopping for make-up products. We also acquired some tips on the cosmetic ladies there at Watsons, SM North (that’s where we bought our supplies). I really had a great time there! When I reached home, guess what? Okay, I’ll tell- I tried applying some!! 😀

Mystic Violet Palette + Wing-style eyeliner
Earthtone palette + Arabic-style eyeliner

Happy I’m Alive,

Yousei Hime