Dear Biascathy,

I made a concept video for my upcoming collection- “Free the Lumad”. I have realized that the Lumad people’s battle for self-determination is a long way home. There are still a lot- and i mean A LOT- of obstacles and obstructions along their path. I am just hoping that the government would be less violent in tackling this matter- they should have respect to the indigenous people, since if you think about it, they are our ancestors and they carry our original culture.


In accordance to this, I donated some of my goods and volunteered for an upcoming event here in UP which focuses on fighting for the Lumad’s rights, the Manilakbayan 2015. Lumad tribes will camp here on UP at the College of Human Kinetics grounds. I am wishing all of them the very best and may the Lord God almighty guide them.

Now, on to my studies, I am ever so thankful!! 😀 Remember the times when I was so depressed with Chem 16 to the point that I am already thinking of dropping out? Well, 🙂 God responded positively to the prayer I was asking him for the past few weeks. Our mid-semester grades was posted last Wednesday and guess what- I passed!! 😀 I was thinking that I am already below the passing line, but then, I passed! Even though it may not be as high as the rest of my classmates. 2.00 for me is a great blessing, I just hope that I will be able to maintain or even improve this for the rest of the semester. 🙂

Ever so Thankful,

Yousei Hime