Dear Biascathy,

The past week has been a blur… And I am getting more and more excited to the coming events in the near future.

I’ve realized how useful all the topics we have discussed in class are. Although there are times that I tend to get overloaded with information, plus the fact that we are currently NPAs (No Permanent Address), it’s still a good thing that we have a good place to stay.. 🙂 With the drawing boards and all that. Also, I am getting more and more used to drawing, sketching, and rendering in a limited amount of time. And I think that is a good thing.

We are making progress with our wardrobing project. I am happy the mood board I made was approved and the sketch I made was the one chosen by our group. It feels good that my works are acknowledged.  🙂

mood board

Although I am quite worried about things..  whether they’ll work out or not.. whether they’ll fail or not.. whether they’ll be pleasing or not.. Things like that.. Still, I’ll do my best in the things that I do and will do.


Yousei Hime