Dear Biascathy,

I’ve realized a new dream in life…

In addition to my numerous other dreams, I’ve realized that I want to be a model.. A fashion model.

Maybe it’s a ridiculous aspiration for a girl with such a low esteem like me.. Thinking.. “Nah, your boobs are flat. Your body is super skinny, you look like a broomstick.” Stuff like that. But then, when it comes to fashion industry, the ideal body are the flat chested and skinny ones, so who knows, maybe I have a chance. I’ve told my model (and beauty queen) bestfriend many times before that I wanted to experience being a fashion model. But I always say them in a jokingly manner. Again.. Low self esteem..

But the thing about me is that even though I have my personal insecurities, I am always ready for challenges. I even stare down strangers who sometimes match my line of sight which results into a staring showdown.. Well, I don’t want to back down so they look away first. Anyway, last week we had a practice photoshoot. And take note, we, the Wanderlust group, are all amateurs with no experience whatsoever, unlike most groups. But even though that’s the case, we still got to take a few good shots. 🙂


Aspiring for the Improbable,

Yousei Hime