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July 2016

Reversible Shirt

I totally love this one!!! ❤ It’s very easy to make actually. In our sewing class, I was absent for a week (due to some family affair) and I missed this activity.Thankfully, my professor let me cram this up, and I did, for less hours than that of our class hours. When I cram, creativity juices comes flowing so I ended up with something far unique than that of my classmates.

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I love pairing this up with maong shorts and high cut shoes or boots. ^_^ And I really like how it plays between being a crop top (due to the high slits on both sides which shows a little bit of skin) and a dress at the same time. Wait, did I mention that this is reversible? Oh yeah, at the title. So this garment is light heather gray on one side, and dark heather gray on the other side (with small details from that of the opposites). Now, this is definitely one of my favorites!


Thai Shorts (or so they say)

The first project given to us in CT 27, our sewing class, is this Thai Shorts. Our professor said that this particular project will help us practice sewing straight lines. Well, it is true because there are no curved parts, but for me, the process still took a lot of time. Why so? There are 6-7 panels that composes the shorts itself, plus the pockets and waist strap. The pattern also is kind of abstract. BUT we all managed to finish it (although most of us past due time). 🙂

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I was wondering though whether I will be able to wear this or not. 🙂 Maybe I can, as a costume, ’cause it looks a little bit like a samurai’s bottoms and our Aikido uniform.

Things You Missed

Okay. So I have been gone for a lifetime, and I haven’t posted anything here for ages. One semester and a midyear term has already come and go. Anyway, so I wanted to share with you guys some of my incredible experiences that I wasn’t able to show you. ^_^ Hope you enjoy.

1. Salungat Fashion Show

Remember the time when I was all stressed about a subject? Apparently, it’s because of this fashion show. Our class decided to have a fashion show as our final exam. CT students really are peculiar! But even though the process and the things that needs to be done are overbearing at times (given that I am the Creatives Committee Head), the moment where we watched our creations walk down the runway, with misty eyes and a big smile, you all will realize that everything is worth it. It’s ALL WORTH IT!

2. Back to the Ancient Times

The following semester, I had a major subject, CT 15, which is all about “Development of Costume”. We studied the costumes and things that affected and contributed to its development; starting from Ancient Egypt until today. We had lot’s of very interesting activities and projects in this subject.

     OOTD’s and Activities

These are only some of them. (Why do I always forget to take pictures -_-)


Seee.. -_- I always forget to take pictures. Well, apart from this Egyptian-inspired accessories, I also made paintings, mosaics, rococo doll dress, etc. Too bad I did not took a picture. Lesson learned.

     Field Trip

Field trip to a gallery in our neighboring university, Ateneo.

3. New Creations



In our sewing class, CT 27, I was able to make a lot more pieces that I was incredibly happy to share with you guys. ^_^ BUT I am making another blog about those later. 🙂 I’ll include links of those here, so stay put!

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