I totally love this one!!! ❤ It’s very easy to make actually. In our sewing class, I was absent for a week (due to some family affair) and I missed this activity.Thankfully, my professor let me cram this up, and I did, for less hours than that of our class hours. When I cram, creativity juices comes flowing so I ended up with something far unique than that of my classmates.

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I love pairing this up with maong shorts and high cut shoes or boots. ^_^ And I really like how it plays between being a crop top (due to the high slits on both sides which shows a little bit of skin) and a dress at the same time. Wait, did I mention that this is reversible? Oh yeah, at the title. So this garment is light heather gray on one side, and dark heather gray on the other side (with small details from that of the opposites). Now, this is definitely one of my favorites!