Okay. So I have been gone for a lifetime, and I haven’t posted anything here for ages. One semester and a midyear term has already come and go. Anyway, so I wanted to share with you guys some of my incredible experiences that I wasn’t able to show you. ^_^ Hope you enjoy.

1. Salungat Fashion Show

Remember the time when I was all stressed about a subject? Apparently, it’s because of this fashion show. Our class decided to have a fashion show as our final exam. CT students really are peculiar! But even though the process and the things that needs to be done are overbearing at times (given that I am the Creatives Committee Head), the moment where we watched our creations walk down the runway, with misty eyes and a big smile, you all will realize that everything is worth it. It’s ALL WORTH IT!

2. Back to the Ancient Times

The following semester, I had a major subject, CT 15, which is all about “Development of Costume”. We studied the costumes and things that affected and contributed to its development; starting from Ancient Egypt until today. We had lot’s of very interesting activities and projects in this subject.

     OOTD’s and Activities

These are only some of them. (Why do I always forget to take pictures -_-)


Seee.. -_- I always forget to take pictures. Well, apart from this Egyptian-inspired accessories, I also made paintings, mosaics, rococo doll dress, etc. Too bad I did not took a picture. Lesson learned.

     Field Trip

Field trip to a gallery in our neighboring university, Ateneo.

3. New Creations



In our sewing class, CT 27, I was able to make a lot more pieces that I was incredibly happy to share with you guys. ^_^ BUT I am making another blog about those later. 🙂 I’ll include links of those here, so stay put!