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Utak Puso: DIY Fringed Shirt


In our Cheerleading classes, we are required to wear this year’s themed shirt, the “Utak Puso” shirt, in Pep Rallies and Events. There are lots of cheerleading students in UP, less than a thousand I’d say, and I wouldn’t want to look like everyone else. I want to be distinguishable from a crowd wearing the same shirt and all. And, since there weren’t any rules about altering the shirt, I altered mine.


Considering that I am not really sure if this is permitted or not, so I just altered the hem. I cut thin strips of vertical lines and weaved them like a net: tie them as pairs, pair one with the neighboring pair, tie it up, pair up with another and so on. 🙂 Just like what I did in my bleached print shirt last year.

And Voila! I totally love how it looks!! 🙂 I had lots of positive feedbacks (and glances) from friends and strangers alike. I even had an unexpected photo-opt. from a UP Maroons Men’s Basketball MVP, Diego Dario!!! ❤ ❤

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Dear Biascathy,

I’ve realized that even if we do something with the best that we can, the endpoint will still depend on God’s plan. Although if that’s the case, I hope, no, I WON’T stop doing all that I can do in my power. I will just have faith in His plan for me, because everything that happens has a reason. And God knows it all. I don’t intend to sound like a preacher, but that is what I feel.

I don’t know if I am making any sense, but.. Okay, I’ll tell you.. Something not very good happened to me (my studies to be exact). I failed. Again. And it doesn’t seem to stop. I tried my best to study though, I woke up at 3 am just to continue reviewing for Chemistry. And I felt confident that I can pass. But when the time came and I have the test questions in my hands… My hands felt cold and shaky.. A lot of things came to my mind: the consequences if I failed again, telling my parents, dropping the subject or losing my scholarship.. Then, BOOM! I can’t remember a thing that I have reviewed earlier.

I really love the subject to be honest. I’m having fun, I meet great people, make new friends, and I am learning a lot, it’s just that when there’s an exam, I tend to panic specially if there’s a lot at stake. Then again, I will just trust whatever God has planned for me. I did my best, I know God will guide me. 🙂

I also realized that I have a typical Filipino bad trait. Well, It makes me feel better if I am not the only one who flunked.. It’s not that I wanted everyone to fail, it just feels better if there is someone in the same situation like I am, someone I can relate to, and we can get over it together. Unlike when I am the only one.. It feels like I am the smallest dust on the face of the Earth.  Hahaha. 😀 Anyway, I have gotten over it; I just wanted to share it to you guys.

Now, on to the brighter side of the moon, I am having fun with my majors!!! 😀 I’ve realized that I am blessed my parents supported me in shifting even if they were reluctant at first. I have a friend in Chem 16, “Barbie”-not her real name. And she told me how her parents pushed her to study BS Geodetic Engineering just because it’ll pay big in the future. She pushed herself to like it, but she isn’t happy with what she’s doing. She told her parents that she wanted to shift to BS HRIM, but they dismissed the idea with degrading the course. She stopped pushing the idea to them, but my friend finally can’t take it anymore, she shifted out without telling her parents. But when she presented the Form 5 to her parents (for the tuition fee), they were all gung-ho! “Oh! Bakit iba na ang course mo?!!” Well, to cut the long story short, she is happy now with what she’s doing. 🙂 And I am happy to with what I am doing. I am thankful for my parents and God’s providence. May everything work well in my life..

Just like the dark and bright sides, the negative and positive spaces, the infamous yin and yang, my life also has to sides. And I prefer to look on the positive ones.

Still Hoping,

Yousei Hime
Dear Biascathy,

Lumad. Indigenous People. Gold. Greed. Opression.

I am thinking of the concept I am going to use in my final project, about Lumad issues. I’ve read numerous articles from one link leading to another leading to another. All of them presenting different point of views and stands about the said topic. A lot of Lumad people are oppressed, harassed, and killed. Is it really by the military (and the paramilitary)’s hand? Or is it someone else’s fault? Are the Lumad tribes really being influenced by the NPA? Or is the government only accusing them for the sake of a hidden agenda? We don’t know for sure unless every bit of the puzzle is laid out before us. But, until there is none, we are left with our own personal stands and opinions.

After reading a lot of articles (as I’ve said earlier), and watching videos and documentaries, I have developed my own stand about the Lumad issue. To be honest, I became very emotional in researching about this topic. I cried while knowing more about the Lumad’s experiences and the things that they’ve been through. And I’ll tell you, they’ve been through a lot. I cried for their lost and for the only thing that they want but they can’t seem to have. I cried for every Lumad children that lost their opportunity to study and seemingly lost their right for education. I cried for the oppressed Lumad people and I want to express the feeling that fizzles within me through the garment I am going to make.

I hope to be of help in any way that I can. And by using this concept, I hope I will be able to spread awareness. I’ll do the best that I can..


Yousei Hime
Dear Biascathy,
Mood and Concept

I am thinking of changing the concept I am going to use in our upcoming final project in CT 11, because I am having a hard time getting an inspiration from the previous mood and concept, which is about our dreams. Mine’s concept was about escaping chaos. It is a good concept really, but I just don’t have the drive to follow it through.. So one morning, I wake up early and sat under a tree outside our room… I inhaled and exhaled.. I took out my croquis board and pen.. And starting making a mind map of the ideas that came into my head..

mind map
Mind Maps

I like where my mind took me into. I want my collection to give a strong message, to portray issues people seems not to see. I want to feature our ethnic tribes and the oppression they experiences. But still, I’ll ask Miss Kitty first if this is a good concept. 🙂 But I can already feel it coming to life. Hehehe.

Getting-to-know our Client


Oh! And apart from that, I also had fun getting to know our client, Miss Katty Caragay, for our Wardrobe Make-over Project. 🙂 She’s so adorable. With the time we spent talking to her, we’ve learned a lot of psychological things and other trivia. I also realized something about myself. 🙂 I really do love ethnic things! She have those ethnic accessories and it’s just like.. electrocuted me.. Bzzt..Boom! Sarah! You love ethnic-inspired stuff! Haha. Anyway, regarding the project, we still don’t know exactly how are we going to do the whole wardrobe make-over thingy because it wasn’t very clear to us. But I am really looking forward to it. 🙂

There’s still a lot of things to be done and a lot of commitments to attend to. I’m still nowhere half way done. But I know I can do this. Although, I am just rising from the quicksand that’s dragging me towards gloomy stuff and stress.. Because I know God is pulling me out of it. I know that He is always here with me telling me not to give up. That’s why I won’t give up. Go Sarah! Go Sarah! 😀

Be Strong,

Yousei Hime
Dear Biascathy,
"Drop na ba? Drop na ba?"
Reviewing 5 hrs before the exam.

I was just finished taking the Chem 16 first Long Exam. And I do not know what happened to me. My only hope is the multiple choice. Hehe. Well, I did what I can, I just hope its enough, just enough to not fail.


We have a group report about “Pagpapangalan at Pagbabansag” on my Fil 40 class, a 7am class T-TH. And some of my groupmates still aren’t responding. Although it’s a good thing I was able to gather sources and info now. I just hope they would also cooperate. I will polish it (hopefully) with them later.

Unlike that uncooperative group, my other group seems to be improving. We are now developing a sense of teamwork, 🙂 and I am happy for that.

Wanderlust Group collaborating their work on evaluating an online Fashion Store and making a schedule for the Wardrobe Make-over Project.

Apart from my croquis book entry and Plate # 22, I am still finishing my mood board. And MY OH MY! I’ve realized that making a mood board does changes mood! Haha. Before doing my mood board in our CT 11 class, my thoughts and ideas are clear, but when I actually started making and constructing it, the line of thought that I wanted it to go seems to blur out. I hated the feeling that you can’t seem to portray the things you want to portray. And the message you wanted to relay to the people, they just can’t clearly see it. It’s frustrating.

What did I do then? Did I repeated it all over?

Nope. I did not, because I know it can still be salvaged. There is still a flicker of hope. Following Miss Kitty’s suggestion, I asked my friends what they see and what can they infer in my mood board. They seem to have gotten the idea, although somewhat amiss. They also told me how I can make it more clear, unsurprisingly, just like what Miss Kitty said, I need to edit parts of it… Later I’ll post my finished mood board here. 😉

There are lot’s of stressful things that comes my way. Whether that be failed exams, work overload, uncooperative group mates, reports, and hundreds more stressful things… ALWAYS LOOK AT THE BRIGHT SIDE. Even if bleakness and hopelessness is all around you. Just smile Sarah! You need to have hope!

Waiting For A Miracle,

Yousei Hime

Alice Temperley

What inspires you?

“Everything around me: travel, music, film and my large library of things I have collected since I was a child.” 
“I work very organically, starting with inspiration and research. From architecture to art, music, books and photographyI find myself constantly inspired.”

Alice Temperley said in her interviews regarding her inspirations. Temperley is one of my favorite designers. She wanted her works  to be treasured and to survive the test of time, timeless and well-made. She is also hoping that the twenty-first century will be a renaissance of beauty and style- fun, wildness and beauty winning the hearts of the people.

Here below are some of Temperley’s sketches and concept boards:


Temperley’s designs features models who has the basic  body built as that common in the fashion industry. Furthermore, she does uses female models of varying ages depending on the garment. One apparent things I’ve noticed on her runway shows, she always makes her models wear flats or sneakers.

photo by indigital

dana lopez


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Dear Biascathy,

Nowadays, my thoughts seems to be in chaos. I feel that there’s something wrong with my life right now… Or maybe just missing… Whatever that is, I guess writing my thoughts here might help me clear the fog in my head.

Think Sarah! When did this chaotic feeling started?

If I think about it, I’d say that it started on the 3rd week of classes. Where I was all stressed up in academic works. Maybe the feeling that the things I do, which I do with all my best, sometimes doesn’t matter.. Sometimes I do not sleep for some acad works just to know the next day that the deadline would be moved.. Also there are times, specifically in group works, that I feel that only me and my other groupmate tend to do all the work. I’m not saying that my other groupmates don’t contribute even a percentage of work, but it feels that they don’t care .. It’s as if they’re expecting us to do all the work… And it doesn’t feel good. In fact, I hate it.

But if I think about it deeper, I don’t think that acad works and pressure are the only reason why I feel so down and out of energy nowadays. Also maybe because I tend to walk farther and farther away from God. I don’t know, but I tend to not do my ministry as a Sunday School Teacher well. I don’t come there to teach as prepared as before anymore. I just go there, open the story book on whichever page, and let them do things that just came in from my mind. Personally, I also think my relationship with him is weakening.. I don’t talk to him as closely as before.. I miss that feeling when I am younger and so in love with Jesus.. Everything’s perfectly well.. But I know that I can still restore that. I’ll do my best to be in his grace again. I know I can.

What else runs in your mind Sarah?

My personal style also baffles my mind. I mean, I do not know what my style really is because I just tend to wear what I feel like wearing. Sometimes it’s more teenager-like, sometimes more of a girly-feminine-like, sometimes its tomboyish, sometimes its weird and unusual, sometimes it’s trendy, sometimes it’s vintage, and a handful of other things. I personally think of myself as a fashion “Ditto”. (Ditto- the pokemon who can morph itself into whatever it wants to morph into).

Although, maybe it is just hard for us to see what our own style is, so I asked my friends what comes to their mind when I ask them what my fashion style is. Elena, a classmate since Grade 1 till now, said “laces and flowy clothes”. Trixia, a roommate and friends since high school, said “vintage and weird”. And they both agreed that I wear clothes in layers. Well, if you think about it, I do like wearing vintage clothes with laces and everything, and ‘weird’ (in other’s POV) is also understandable because I don’t want to be that common, so I layer or mix-and-match things up. How will I describe my style in one word then? Vintage? Mix-and-match? I still can’t decide.

Unclear and Confused,

Yousei Hime

Why-o-How (Pecha Kucha)

“How do people wear clothes these days?”

“Why do they dress this way today?”

These are two of the questions that seems to be ringing on our heads right now. I hope we all get it right. 😉


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Alice Temperley (Pecha Kucha)

Alice Temperley is my favorite designer. I like her philosophies, specially what she said on her interview, which I read on a book Atlas of Fashion Designers. Here’s the citation: Eceiza, L. (2008). Temperly London. In Atlas of Fashion Designers (pp. 535-538). Maomao Publications.


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